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  • What makes a good city?

    A prerequisite of a good city is mixed use neighborhoods, density and walkable streets. Let’s take examples. London, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo are great cities for this sole reason. These cities have residential, offices, retail, hospitality all adjacent to each other and buildings are built with negligible or zero car parks. A $ 12 million apartment in New York facing Central Park where Jack Welch and David Esner have apartments has zero car parks. On the other hand Los Angeles or Phoenix is designed for the automobile with a horizontal spread. It is called the dollar a gallon gasoline architecture or as we would say Rs. 10 per litre architecture.

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  • Have you walked in your city recently?

    There was a time when I used walk extensively- from my college to the office and home and to almost everywhere else. I remember always looking forward to those walks to reflect, think and relax. I am nostalgic about those times in my favourite city...

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