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  • My big idea for cities in 2012: Applying “doubling factor’ to Urban Planning

    photo credit: Ray_from_LA My big idea. Work the doubling factor (Ortiz, et al) into law, engineering and architecture. Stop cities in their tracks and offer unlimited density and therby guarantee an unfragmented wilderness, or at least the potential for restoring one. Take any annual percentage rate...

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  • Why Mumbai Needs a Strategic Urban Design/ Ecological Master Plan

    As Mumbai matures and harbors aspirations of becoming a world-class city or an international business center, the City needs to engage in ecological urban design and accountable urban planning. Urban planning is a means to create a citizen-defined vision for the city’s future that is implemented by responsible public and private leaders. Much has been said recently about the need for improving governance of cities in India where there has been little attention paid to the planning or design of cities. Cities throughout history – especially in democracies — evolve from a state of chaos and irresponsible governance (where mostly the interests of the powerful take precedence over the city’s general welfare) — to a progressive state where the better informed and educated citizens demand and receive political accountability for better urban life through effective planning and urban design.

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  • 3 – Point Agenda for Mumbai.

    Affordable Housing Strategy: The city has a housing shortage of 2.62 million units in 2009.This will almost double to 4.47 by 2025 if not addressed. We need to develop new strategies and tools to solve the crisis. Develop a Climate Change Action Plan Many scientists agree that even the current level of carbon in our atmosphere is going to contribute to changes in our environment. So even though it is important to mitigate climate change or reduce the carbon emissions. There is an urgent need for adapting Mumbai City to climate change impacts and a future of extreme climate events. It needs to start with a comprehensive scientific analysis and modeling to understand the potential impacts of climate change on the city.

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  • Visions of a Future City.

    The world’s urban Population is set to double from the current 3.4 billion to 6.3 billion by 2050, according the United Nations. India will be at the forefront of this urban rise. Keep in mind that the scale and pace of the urbanization that India...

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  • Reinventing city revival models.

    Often, when framing urban policies we in India adopt a view where we try to create policies where all the lobbies are satisfied, .Most times this may not necessarily translate to a great vision. When you analyze a city like Bangalore, there is an...

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  • Automobile and the city.

    “Most problems the developing world is facing become better as one gets richer. Except for transportation, it gets worse.” Enrique Peñalosa, the revolutionary urbanist and the former mayor of Bogota said to me in an Interview in Mumbai, even as the rush-hour traffic soared...

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  • $ a gallon architecture??

    After the Second World War, North American built its cities around the automobile in what is often termed as auto- centric / sprawled / suburban development. Evidently this developmental model was driven by the availability cheap gas and massive investments on highway infrastructure. These new...

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  • The Urban Vision : Capture the BIG Picture
    Stevensplatz - Pedestrian realm, ViennaPedestrian street, Vienna - Fused GridGlorious end to a grid street - a New Urban featureDelightful Urban Experience: enormous sidewalksPeripheral Boulevard for all modesBird-view of Vienna -1686IMG_6732IMG_6724IMG_6645-46
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    The Urban Vision is a social venture & a think-do-tank which was instituted to inspire next generation urbanization.The organization focuses on solutions driven research; advocates & consults on best practices in policy and design; facilitates public dialogue on policy choices.

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