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  • APLI Mumbai : A Citizens Vision Plan – Opportunity Mumbai: Redeveloping the PortLands for a liveable Mumbai

    We believe that the Mumbai Port Trust redevelopment offers a great opportunity to ensure that Mumbai regains its place as a thriving city .The success of a city in the 21st century is going to be determined by the human capital that it is able...

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  • Mumbai Musings

    I believe Mumbai is one of the greatest cities in the world. It works well and inspires its citizens to work productively because of the way it is built. Mumbai as compared to any city in India has the maximum proportion of people who use public transport or walk to work which are fundamental components of any good city.

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  • Bombay – city of light and dark

    Bombay – city of light and dark From the air (a view few of its citizens will ever see), the peninsula of the city of Bombay appears like an open hand – reaching and grasping into the Arabian sea. Its familiar districts transformed into the...

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  • Expert Diary : Commentators