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  • Definition of Sustainability in Hinduism

    As an urban planner with conscious heart toward sustainability I always try to find its core idea that leads to the path towards sustainable development. Is it the need of the hour due to environment degradation? Is it the recent fad? what makes our fraternity...

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  • Form Follows Climate

    “Form Follows Climate “, Charles Corrrea, a famous Indian architect once said. This idea essentially suggests that a built environment should respond to climate or use it as an advantage. However it’s not a new thought, traditionally most buildings fundamentally responded to climate. For instance, if you look at the indigenous development in Coastal India, most of the structures had sloping roofs in response to the heavy rains. But with globalization hitting architecture – we seem to be loosing out on many of these wonderful indigenous design solutions.

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  • We are building energy guzzlers.

    We are building energy guzzlers.

    The way we design and construct buildings is critical to addressing the climate change challenge given that the building sector currently contributes around 40 per cent of global carbon emissions. Commercial and residential buildings in India account for more than 30% of the country’s total...

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