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  • Natural areas in Portland are enjoyed by wildlife and residents alike

    The early bird builds its nest: Portland’s early start for promoting natural areas

    Having been here for a few months, it started becoming evident that a lot of the Portland metropolitan region’s innovative best practices in planning and conservation — be it the bicycle movement that Portland leads the US in, or progressive land-use planning — took root...

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  • Building Climate Resilient Cities: Will Travis, Executive Director, BCDC- Part 2

    Building Climate Resilient Cities: Will Travis, Executive Director. Bay Conservation and Development Commission ( BCDC) About:”Battling the Sea Level Rise” Most debates on Climate change are often focused on Mitigation and very little attention has been given to adapting to climate change. The ongoing California Climate...

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  • The Urban Vision : Capture the BIG Picture
    The Unbearable Ugliness of Natural UrbanismTypical modest house at the peripheryInfrastructure and house priceInfrastructure and house priceCommercial real estate on wheelsNew Urban Merchant – Best of Both WorldsNew Urban Flexible Vital TransportNew Urban Modal ShareSafe, unobtrusive, urban bike parking
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  • About : The Urban Vision

    The Urban Vision is a social venture & a think-do-tank which was instituted to inspire next generation urbanization.The organization focuses on solutions driven research; advocates & consults on best practices in policy and design; facilitates public dialogue on policy choices.

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    The Urban Vision | | Address: # 104, Blue Cross Chambers,#11, Infantry Cross Road, Bangalore – 560001 Karnataka