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  • Definition of Sustainability in Hinduism

    As an urban planner with conscious heart toward sustainability I always try to find its core idea that leads to the path towards sustainable development. Is it the need of the hour due to environment degradation? Is it the recent fad? what makes our fraternity...

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  • Would you betray your own race?

    Would you betray your own race? If you watched the latest James Cameron blockbuster movie “Avatar” and were passionately backing the alien’s cause; then you have just become a “race traitor”. The movie depicts human civilization as a group that is evil and greedy who destroy the environment without any consideration while the aliens live in perfect ecological harmony with their natural environment. The Pandorans might be a figment of Cameron’s wild Imagination but in many ways the depiction of human civilization is almost bang on in the movie. Practically all of Earth’s ecosystems have now been destroyed or severely altered through human activities. According to the World Conservation Union ,784 extinctions have been recorded since the year 1500 (to the year 2004). At this point, The loss of global biological diversity is advancing at an extraordinary pace. According to some estimates, up to 150 species are becoming extinct every day. The Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC 2007b) has also predicted that if temperature increases exceed 1.5-2.5°C, 20-30% of plant and animal species assessed are likely to be at risk of extinction.

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  • Reclaiming Land for Public Spaces!

    The idea of reclamation has been an area of debate for a long time. The judiciary’s verdict in the 1990’s against reclamation in Mumbai has turned into a kind of a bible. There is no question about the fact that reclamation hurts environment and doesn’t offer the same kind of ecological functionality as a natural forest. But so does urbanization – Today’s urban world contributes to environmental degradation in one-way or another. Therefore, it is important for us to develop in a more structured and organized manner so as to mitigate the negative effects of progress.

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  • The Urban Vision : Capture the BIG Picture
    New street invader, New Flexible defenceGreen Roof, Charcoal future: Old urbanism, New UrbanismStevensplatz - Pedestrian realm, ViennaPedestrian street, Vienna - Fused GridGlorious end to a grid street - a New Urban featureDelightful Urban Experience: enormous sidewalksPeripheral Boulevard for all modesBird-view of Vienna -1686IMG_6732
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  • About : The Urban Vision

    The Urban Vision is a social venture & a think-do-tank which was instituted to inspire next generation urbanization.The organization focuses on solutions driven research; advocates & consults on best practices in policy and design; facilitates public dialogue on policy choices.

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    The Urban Vision | | Address: # 104, Blue Cross Chambers,#11, Infantry Cross Road, Bangalore – 560001 Karnataka