My big idea for cities in 2012: Applying “doubling factor’ to Urban Planning

Upper West Side from Central Park
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ray_from_LA

My big idea. Work the doubling factor (Ortiz, et al) into law, engineering and architecture. Stop cities in their tracks and offer unlimited density and therby guarantee an unfragmented wilderness, or at least the potential for restoring one.

Take any annual percentage rate and divide it into 70 to get a rough estimate of the “doubling-time factor”. It is an easy way to question the presumed benefits “growth rate” figures. For example, a 7% growth rate of a population would double the population every ten years – thus require double bottom line questions about who (or how) would we pay for the doubling of the number of schools, the efficiency of all forms of environmental facilities, and so on.

*The doubling time factor is the period of time required for a quantity to double in size or value.

What is your one big idea for cities in 2012? Submit a blog post to along with a bio & Pic.

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