In this programme participants will learn about the fundamental principles of liveable cities. We will focus on innovative strategies both in terms of design and policy that can trigger revitalization of cities. The participants will gain the relevant knowledge and skills to design and plan a creative entrepreneurship project to implement an on-the-ground intervention in their home country

The Urban Innovation Startup-School
The program will be designed to offer practical hands training and concrete tools that will allow you to intervene in your local communities as well as empower you to be a creative entrepreneur.
The 2 week program in New York will focus on experiential learning & skill building program. At the end of the 2 week program, participants will conceive a plan for an actionable project to apply the principles studied. Over the course of the next ten months, India based think-tank The Urban Vision will bring the idea to life through a structured mentorship program and support.

This will be an experiential learning course based on the rich practice of Social enterprise & community-led urbanism prevalent in New York . We will use Manhattan as the case study to understand the different aspects of city building with a focus on innovation to inspire livability , sustainability, inclusivity, and human-centered development. While we will explore theories and best practices through lectures; there will be skill building workshops to enable participants to discover the latest toolkits in urban design. We will apply these tools & methodology during the program with a structured field research and group work analysing select projects the city. The program will include interactions with practitioners and we will visit organizations and studios in the area. In India, The program will also include mentorship of a 6 month long part-time action project to implement on-the-ground intervention based on some of the ideas learnt.

Some of the Topics that will be covered include :
Urbanism 101- What makes a Liveable City?
Human Scale Architecture & People Centric Cities
Urban Planning- Land Use & Mixed Use Planning
Urban Design for Livable Cities
Building Urban Commons
Creative Entrepreneurship
Community Engagement strategies in urban Revival
Green Mobility
Case Studies on Disruptive Urban Innovations
How to make it happen? Lessons in partnership building, fundraising & entrepreneurship to build the commons

Interactive Workshops & Exercises:
Using Design Thinking Framework to approach to design and Implement
Political Toolkit for change
Lean Start Up workshop

Urban Innovation Action Lab- India

Structured mentorship program and support to build the change you want to see in your community

Develop plan for DIY Urbanism innovative intervention & DIY smart city hacks.
Mentoring & Monitoring
Business Skills Coaching
Access to Leaders network for grants and support
Innovative crowd financing support for implementation
Launch an Social /Civic venture

Learning on latest theories and best practices
Use of new toolkits and methodology
Action Oriented Outcome project that can develop into a social venture

1) Students of disciplines including but not limited to economic / urban development like economics , architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, urban planning and others . Should have completed min of third year in a school of undergraduate degree..

2)Postgraduate students

3) young professionals under 35 with interest in urban development

Application opened : September 2017
Final Registration : March 2018
Final Cohort Selection : March 2018
Summer Do-School : June 2018
DIY Urbanism Project : July – Nov 2018
DIY Project Implementation & Venture Launch : Dec 2018

Program Costs

2000 USD for Program fee & Student Accommodation in NYC.

Limited scholarships available to subsidize fee.


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The Urban Vision The Urban Vision is a Think-do-tank & a social venture which was instituted to inspire next generation cities. The organization focuses on solutions driven research; advocates & consults on best practices in policy and design; facilitates public dialogue on policy choices.