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  • Transportation Systems Management and Operations

    Managing smooth flow of traffic has been a daunting challenge in Indian cities, where not only is car use growing exponentially, but the scope of modal conflicts is larger than in developed countries. Indian roads are used by over 18 modes of transport, including non-motorised...

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  • What is the greatest threat to our planet?

    This 3-minute video asks the question “What’s the greatest threat to our planet?” and explains how sustainability is embedded in the way a city is built. A city that has an urban form that is sprawled, auto-centric, low- density and is not...

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  • New Ideas For Transit In Los Angeles

    Mumbai and Delhi aren’t the only places with transit headaches. In fact, the mother of all freeway cities, Los Angeles, has reached its breaking point. Just try taking the 10 freeway eastbound any day after 4 p.m. I dare you. The effects of traffic and...

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  • Automobile and the city.

    Automobile and the city.

    “Most problems the developing world is facing become better as one gets richer. Except for transportation, it gets worse.” Enrique Peñalosa, the revolutionary urbanist and the former mayor of Bogota said to me in an Interview in Mumbai, even as the rush-hour traffic soared...

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  • Have you walked in your city recently?

    There was a time when I used walk extensively- from my college to the office and home and to almost everywhere else. I remember always looking forward to those walks to reflect, think and relax. I am nostalgic about those times in my favourite city...

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