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  • Portland: Nature in the City

    It was a conscious effort by the planners and citizens of Portland and Oregon to not become sprawling like its southern neighbors or be completely rural like its eastern neighbors, and hence the city is an effort to keep a middle ground between these two...

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  • The Poor- Excluded from their own common natural resource management

    The Bani, a sacred grove spread over 200 hectares (ha), has been treasured by and cared for centuries by the residents of three villages—Mangar, Bandhwari and Baliawas—in memory of Gudriya Baba, a saint, who they believe attained moksha (salvation) in the Bani. Gudariya Baba’s shrine...

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  • Rethinking Architecture, Archeology and Cities

    ‘Good urban-scapes influence life’. I got to see it put into practice when I visited University of Waterloo’s School of Architecture, known as ‘Waterloo Architecture, Cambridge’. This institution is located in the City of Cambridge, Ontario and is considered one of the trendsetters for urban...

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  • Bring Joy to (Saving) the World

    photo credit: gallagher.michaelsean The short-term efforts needed to achieve long-term change towards sustainability are to a large extent about creating habits and making sustainable choices natural. In order to get to that point and not fall off the ‘sustainability wagon’ on our way there, we...

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  • Expert Diary : Commentators