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  • What makes a city fun ! #funcities

    Why do we all adore some cities? Because , they inspire vitality in us. Fun Cities have so many things to do , learn & experience. What do we need to make this happen? 1) Special Public Spaces & parks 2) Strong community Networks 3)...

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  • Re-MAKING our Public Spaces: Invitation to A DIY Urbanism Makathon

    We invite you to be an artist, painter, gardener, c0arpenter & mason to co-create and co-build our public spaces. What : Join renown artists, architects and urban planners in a fun Series of DIY workshops to ReMAKE  two dull open spaces  into special public spaces full...

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  • APLI Mumbai : A Citizens Vision Plan – Opportunity Mumbai: Redeveloping the PortLands for a liveable Mumbai

    We believe that the Mumbai Port Trust redevelopment offers a great opportunity to ensure that Mumbai regains its place as a thriving city .The success of a city in the 21st century is going to be determined by the human capital that it is able...

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  • “Reimagining Mumbai’s Public Spaces: Civic Hackathon”

    “Reimagining Mumbai’s Public Spaces: Civic Hackathon”

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /hsphere/local/home/c250529/theurbanvision.com/blogs/wp-content/plugins/embed-facebook/embed-facebook.php on line 39 Reimagine Public Spaces: Civic Hackathon- Tecnopride Citizens of Mumbai had a fun evening dreaming up revival of our Public Spaces at the “Reimagining Mumbai’s Public Spaces: Civic Hackathon” that took place on August 2nd at Studio X Mumbai. The participants ranged from 11 Year old city...

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  • Cultural / Civic Entrepreneurs Forum: Enliven the community spaces

    The Cultural / Civic Entrepreneurs Forum is aimed at highlighting initiatives that have the potential to stimulate and enliven the public and community spaces of the city. Great places are not just an outcome of design but management , programming & Community Engagement & enabling social...

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  • Vinayak Bharne on “The Emerging Asian City”

    Vinayak Bharne is the Director of Design at Moule & Polyzoides in Los Angeles, one of the founding firms of the New Urbanism movement; and a joint faculty of urbanism and planning at the Sol Price School of Public Policy and the School of Architecture...

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  • A spatial framework for explosive growth

    photo credit: garycycles5 . Urbanization is taking place in  a extremely fast manner. We are not confronted anymore to urban growth. We are confronted to metropolitan explosion. . There are cities that are growing by 6% on an annual basis. That means they are doubling (100%) every ten...

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  • What Indian Cities can learn from its villages?

    photo credit: transillumination Here is  a piece that I wrote recently where I argue that Gandhi’s vision of village life can apply to all levels of urban form. Link : http://www.planetizen.com/node/50694

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